Still Sound by Toro Y Moi

“Addicted of this man >_<”

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Addicted of this man >_<

anyBuulet 15 Jun 2015

Funk in the trunk.   1

mitchdot 31 Mar 2014

can't imagine anyone disliking this, not even the lads in ISIS

dieFALKENATOR 15 Sep 2014

Toro Y Moi, difficult to pronounce, a hell of a lot easier to listen to. When he's not destroying local park swings like last night's front row groupies, he gets his 200lb body guard/mate to bench press him to sleep... because conventional beds are for people like you and me, that can't drop an 8 ball on a crisp Autumn Tuesday morning and film a music video. What a rockstar. He gets this week's "Total Recall, three thumb's up"

Farry 24 Mar 2015

This song is like having a beach with you. A sunny beach full of melancholy people.   2

espylaub 23 Oct 2011