Timebomb by Tove Lo

“Not a ticky ticky Timebomb either.”

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Not a ticky ticky Timebomb either.

pb14 19 May 2015

Try not to sing this on airports

zendika88 19 Sep 2014

I wanted to post the new Sleater-Kinney again SO BADLY, but decided hey, variety if the spice of life. So here's one of many highlights from a really fun pop album with a lot of personality. Sidenote: apparently Tove Lo gets played on KROQ for some reason? I mean, good for her, she's great, but that would have been unthinkable five years ago.

bedtimebonzob 23 Oct 2014

Take note producers from the CW and use this song for a sweeping makeout scene.

amandalirium 9 Dec 2014


ohanthonio 14 Sep 2014

We could be the best thing ever...

ArexMonster 30 Jun 2015