Drop The Bomb by Trouble Funk


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Who's up for a GoGo revival? I'll bring the whistles...   2

mattzki 6 Mar 2012

It's.... 'The drop' | Boome

STUDIO1NESS 31 Dec 2013

Who's up for a Go Go revival? I'll bring the whistles.

mattzki 6 Mar 2012

"Like the man with the super 'S' on his cape We're gonna junk the punk"

petterahr 26 Mar 2015

Harry Reid, what you gonna do? DROP THE BOMB, DROP THE BOMB.

innajunglestyle 21 Nov 2013

As heard during DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's wonderful run through Afrika Bambaataa's sure shots at The Forum last week.   1

Dkayling 8 Feb 2015