Look Around by tUnE-yArDs

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Continuing the #lastjams countdown, Number 19: tUnE-yArDs - Look Around

mwkelley 11 Aug 2015

I come home, zipped up so tight Bear my metal teeth to you

alissa1030 21 Feb 2015

A boy sent me this song a few days ago and it made me realize that some people shatter your heart and some people just pick at it little by little until all of a sudden it's confetti. #sadgirl #happytune

goaskalicia 4 Jan 2015

On the one hand, there's what sounds good. On the other hand, there's what's true. Beware the empty promise all around me, all around you. Let's not pretend that the world around us isn't falling.

JeffAyling 21 Jul 2014