Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds by Tupelo


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It gives me goosebumps every time

noema 28 Aug 2012

This is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds take on the Tornado of Tupelo in 1936 and the birth of Elvis Presley - it is quite evangelical and certainly atmospheric - Elvis is seen as a savior sent to save the town and lead the people out of the disaster, racism and into a different perspective. It also alludes to Elvis being a twin - the survivor - being raised in a black community- giving him a grounding in the blues and the rich diversity of that community. All these diverse elements help to create a different and special entertainer. THE KING WILL WALK ON TUPELO!!!! What do you think of it?   50

corcorankelly 10 Aug 2013

Now this is how you announce a birth.   1

tomewing 22 Jul 2013