No Tears by Tuxedomoon

“ooooooo shit”

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ooooooo shit

assbrains 13 Oct 2014

Just because.   9

simonp 10 Jul 2015

Hard to believe that dour Tuxedomoon began as a musical offshoot of Technicolor psych-out troupe the Cockettes

visaforviolet 21 Oct 2012

#FREAKOUT!! (2 of 10) Have a look at this video...A blistering 'cut-up' montage..... This is San Franciscan post-punk pioneers Tuxedomoon succeeding with a fabulous 'Devo' impression here before embarking on a remarkable 40 year career of avante garde, ambient & film soundtrack recordings. They are still working to this day.   11

debutch 24 Jan 2015

was ist das an manchen songs? sie finden den direkten weg in die eingeweihde. #spastischezuckungen   2

gertiestriker 16 Nov 2013

Just remembered this gem from '78.

AttackingToms 28 May 2015