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Just TURN IT UP #FeelGoodJam #LongLiveTheJams #BreakingBad #justjamitandsee   5

timeisnow 8 Sep 2015

Been watching Breaking Bad recently. This was a nice surprise to find on the soundtrack. Epic moment...   4

hindle4 23 Mar 2013

Can't get enough of this track, heard it on breaking bad and have been drilling it ever since.   4

GordonBatou 10 Apr 2013

Honestly can't stop listening to this, rediscovered tv on the radio recently, and this is a gem!   1

dropdownsmiling 25 Nov 2012

An all time favourite. "Never you mind, death professor"

Winsord 30 Sep 2014

I'm about 5 years behind on Breaking Bad episodes. But this song is so wicked and perfectly suited to Walter White...

durno 30 Nov 2014