Low Key by Tweedy

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OMG! Fantastic video! So funny! jajaja!! And the album, one of the albums of the year without a doubt! And it's so heartwarming to watch them play together! ♫♥♪♥

laurafantyz 1 Oct 2014


neonzbra 2 Oct 2014

I love this new album.   1

eviperen 2 Oct 2014

No need to do the hard sell, boys - Sukierae is a great record, filled with casual mastery and great songs. http://anearful.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-wilco-diaspora-part-2-tweedy-son.html#.VGD3cjSjO-0

AnEarful 10 Nov 2014

More Bananas   1

paulspear 24 Nov 2014

Low key indeed

JonBravard 31 Jan 2015