The Singer by Ty Segall

“This album is fucking #killer

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This album is fucking #killer

Shoikovsky 16 Sep 2014

New Ty Segall is always cause for rejoicing   2

silvershroud 15 Sep 2014

Just heard this on 6 music and had to post. It's Ty Segall... not Brett Anderson.   2

renzomazzolini 10 Nov 2014

there's no stopping this dude...

thedailygrowl 18 Nov 2014

That annoying moment where you realise you absolutely love one song by a guy you'd previously not been fussed with, then revisit his back catalogue, only to realise that that one song is still the best thing he's ever done by a country mile.   1

alexcornetto 30 Aug 2014

Love this new track by Ty Segall. The entire (double) LP is fantastic.   1

joshgreenberg 29 Aug 2014