Awake by Tycho


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Oh man, new Tycho! And it's exactly what I needed right now. Enjoy.   2

infovore 15 Oct 2013

Like rays of light coming out of dark clouds.   1

Ernevatra 10 Jul 2015

Aaand I bought the LP.. Still loving the amazing Tycho

Aske 10 May 2015

After a nap in an oasis on the playa, I cycled towards Embrace, only to bump into Amy and the Disco Space Shuttle! I stayed with them to watch the sunrise, with this DJ set by Tycho as the perfect soundtrack: One of my favourite #burningman moments.   8

johannakoll 4 Sep 2014

Quick throwback. Man he can dance.   1

CamLangford 18 Jan 2012

Went and saw these guys last night. This song was still playing in my head when I woke this morning. #iso50 #tycho

justplainscott 18 Jun 2015