Dive by Tycho

sheeldz’s jam on 11 Feb ’12 (See all)

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LIfe's liquid

tombrammar 11 Sep 2013

More Tycho? More Tycho.

PurpleMFTW 18 Apr 2014

Jumps right at you, then caresses' your spacesuit.   1

wastetalent 4 Mar 2012


blushift01 4 Jun 2013

Mellow start to a rainy Monday.

Shadowise 9 Sep 2013

Tycho's Dive, what can I say about this. Basically, as I said in the comment to this YT vid, Tycho are the radiohead of chillwave. This is their most accessible song (generally, their music is a bit more challenging than most chillwave). Dive is an album that is in my collection with 4 or 5 stars after each track (a rarity), but like Kid-A, you need to hear it a bit before it starts to work it's magic on your brains pleasure centre. And this live performance is astoundingly good, to see these masters working their magic is, as I have said before, an honor.

llaith 10 Sep 2014