Christian Woman by Type O Negative

“I've always dreamed of having a Goth friend.”

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I've always dreamed of having a Goth friend.

IndieSun 30 Jan 2013

Jesus H. Christ Looks Like Me

rodrigo.alcocer 25 Dec 2011

I can sense the Type O mood coming back.

phantasyrealm 21 Dec 2013

April 14th marks the 5th anniversary since the passing of a prominent personality, voice and bassist in metal history, Pete Steele. Pete left us far too soon and the metal world has not been the same without Type O Negative. Their sound however lives on and in death we celebrate his legacy #typeonegativeliveson

johnnydeviant 11 Apr 2015

Returning to the theme of "really important albums that are 20 years old this year"... it amazes me to this day just how many people missed the humour in TON's music. Two decades on, this track still makes me laugh. RIP, Peter.

antonyjohnston 1 Nov 2013

A cross upon her bedroom wall, from grace, she will fall.

VoxMachinam 15 Dec 2014