CPR / Claws Pt. 2 by Typhoon


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This is my go to song for testing new music services.

kmore 13 Feb 2012

I just saw & fell in love with this band last night.   1

Epershandrea 6 Mar 2012

Just discovered Typhoon, and have been playing this album (mostly this song) on repeat lately.

jeffkeen 21 Aug 2013

It's okay to be sad sometimes.

katiemars 24 Sep 2013

Loving Typhoon right now...

beegeeavl 19 May 2014

claws pt. 1 + cpr + claws pt. 2 is what I would post but claws pt.1 is not on this site :I claws pt 1 is the best. *flies up and bursts into the phrase "EAT IT" a la magic man*

carbonjack 12 Oct 2013