the boy is mine by u.s girls

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There's something very Twin Peaks-y about this cover.

filigreed 13 Aug 2012

Hell of a cover.   2

kierongillen 23 Nov 2011

Or how a cover sometimes is so much better than the original. From the album US Girls on KRAAK (Kraak, 2011)

MovingFurniture 6 Feb 2012

U.S. Girls last night in Hoxton was a great show generating lots of dancing in the crowd, but all over in under half an hour! The demand for an encore was too great for Meghan not to dredge one last song up though and this is what she came up with.   4

thesunneversets 15 May 2015

Great cover.

vuk 21 Sep 2015

Wonderfully warped and distorted version of the Brandy and Monica original.

steveparker 26 Jun 2012