A Sort Of Homecoming by U2

hodgesart’s jam on 24 Mar ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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I do not know why but this song always makes me think of snow. We got 4 inches of new snow so here you go!

Tox_Doc 22 Feb 2013

On borderland we run… #ocomaway #TheUnforgettableFire30 @U2 #Eno

AbaOblongata 12 Oct 2014

So effin' good. Buy the EP if you don't have it. It has an amazing Live version of "Bad" on it.

hodgesart 24 Mar 2012


DepressedMode 4 Jun 2015

This song has always resonated with me. Seems to stem from the longing for home.

questionsall 16 May 2013

bono, pre-bono....!

weeyindel 25 Sep 2014