Every Breaking Wave by U2


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They say the best things in life are free.... Or is it just better than the real thing ?   1

billsimps 13 Sep 2014

I am enjoying the new album. Not their best, not their worst, but definitely listenable. There are a few songs that I like better than this one, but they are hard to find as of yet. It'll be interesting to see how quickly they put out "Songs of Experience" after offering this one for free.   2

kfarrnd 15 Sep 2014

valeur sûre, même si prévisible, en session piano chez Jools Holland : U2 - Every Breaking Wave

fhouste 31 Mar 2015

This Short Film is worth your time folks! (Northern Ireland in the early 1980’s, Aoife McArdle’s 13-minute film throws its viewers into the violent conflicts of the time, with its high-energy tempo and passionate-performances making it a short you don’t dare take your eyes off for one-second. taken from http://bit.ly/1VJ47xe ) I can't wait to see U2 at MSG tonight. Its great that they support amazing artists and use there presence to help get there voice heard.

JonDeLoca 27 Jul 2015