Caliban's Dream by Underworld


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well done, team underworld, well done. have a gold medal :)

ThingInABook 30 Jul 2012

One of the only songs that can instantly de-stress any situation. 👌   1

glenscott 14 May 2015

Caliban's Dream by @underworldlive is my new jam: the most inspiring backing track for ... anything, really. Olympics nostalgia alert!   2

rosieclarke 31 Jul 2013

Almost 2 years since London hosted the Olympics, this song still holds out.

glenscott 10 May 2014

Apparently it was World Cat Day (or some such nonsense) on Friday - so with that in mind my #sundaysoother is deeply influenced by my cat Caliban - although the word 'soothing' is not what springs to mind really - chaos does! However I don't have a chaos related Caliban tune at the mo. This was written for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.   25

lindatee 10 Aug 2014