Rabbit in Your Headlights by UNKLE

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but colinbell was first  

Great track (Thom Yorke vocals) and a superb video.   22

Bukowski 25 Jan 2013

This still works well

rjmockett 21 Oct 2014

starring personal hero Denis Lavant.

BethWicker 7 May 2014

Check out the unbelievable video with Denis Lavant. Powerful ending.

alexlofranchi 6 Jun 2015

One of the best videos out there. Ever. Thom Yorke's voice is almost supernatural. So many ways to read the end... My favorite is probably what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's all.   1

kari0603 20 Oct 2014

It might say UNKLE but you know that voice.   3

Rubychick 2 Dec 2012