Hello Tiger by Urusei Yatsura

“For me, one of the under-rated bands of the 90s”

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For me, one of the under-rated bands of the 90s

PinkDaisy 25 Jun 2013

It's all @kierongillen's fault. (One of the earlier singles that I bought. It even charted!)

infovore 13 Sep 2012

Urusei Yatsura was one of a few British bands in the Britpop years that was closer sonically to American indie bands like Flop. This was their only hit, which just barely grazed the UK Top 40 in 1997.

ryangibbs 22 Nov 2013

#earworms are a very personal matter, obviously. For example, not only is this a very catchy tune, it also reminds me of the first Valentine's day I spent with @lauramcgeachin, and the little cuddly tiger she bought for me as a gift. <3

crawtonleek 14 Feb 2014

#ABCs of me. Enjoy the exuberance!   1

lauramcgeachin 11 Apr 2015

Bye bye... See you later sometime....

Holtmeister28 29 Nov 2012