Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) by Us3


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but jachee was first  

Come on come on come on, give me more, of that funky horn... #funkyfriday   4

doublefunk 2 Aug 2013

This was my jam 22 years ago, too.

rogersikes 24 Apr 2015

Blast from the past. Stuck in my head. Enjoy!

jachee 15 Dec 2011

It's been a day full of awesomeness, kicked off by this song (I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH Y'ALL) playing on SiriusXM's Backspin and ending with a double rainbow ( So. Happy. :)

lindasbecker 14 Jun 2015

Thanks for the recommendation!

Parleone 7 Jul 2014

"Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know we have something special for you at Birdland this evening..."   2

TBBYNH 27 Apr 2015