The Apple by V V Brown

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This again. Except it's live. And amazing. Most underrated album of the year in that there's hardly been any acknowledgement of it in the press, and it's seriously great.   2

silentshout1 11 Oct 2013

Back to this.

unfortunatalie 24 Oct 2013

VV Brown has reinvented her look and sound. Reminds me of early Eurythmics with a dash of Grace Jones. It's anyone's guess what's going on in the video but it's a treat visually.   8

Astromonkey 15 Aug 2013

Wanting to feel kick-ass upbeat this morning (when in fact my sinuses make me feel like I have a lead implant where my frontal lobes should be).

spookinghound 4 Feb 2014

Pop triumphs of 2013 - No.1

TimC 5 Nov 2013

don't patronise me / i'm not your clown

unfortunatalie 22 Oct 2013