Diane Young by Vampire Weekend


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Just picked up the new Vampire Weekend album, today. This is my favourite track, right now.   7

terence 1 Jun 2013

#VampireWeekend had a superb set at #OutsideLands! I had waited in front of their stage since the doors opened, and it was so worth it. I danced my heart out and sang along with every song. Needless to say, they are my favorite band. Here's one of the highlights from their new album, #ModernVampiresOfTheCity   7

rvleonard 21 Aug 2013

Jam#200! This one is for @thisismymistake 's curiosity - 1 of my #halftimefaves Oliver - and for Benjamin, my 5-year-old neighbourg who knocked at my door just to dance with me on it! :)   10

MyBlueElephant 4 Jul 2013

Well, this burrowed its way back into my head recently and won't stop playing.

rabbitroom 25 Jun 2015

Even the Official Video won't change my feeling that the original title was "Dying Young"   4

Axol 21 Aug 2015

Out of control, but you're playing a role and you think you can go to the eighteenth hole...   3

CallumPetch 9 Mar 2014