I Think Ur a Contra by Vampire Weekend


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but markmez was first  

Started off the week with The Replacements "All Shook Down" and am ending it with this song because both reflect my tired mood somehow.

junkycosmonaut 3 Apr 2015

never pick sides / never choose between two / but i just wanted you / i just wanted you   1

dominikus 24 May 2013

One of the songs that cemented #indie music as my favourite genre of music.   2

mazimuhlari 8 Jun 2014

"I had a feeling once/That you and I/Could tell each other everything/ For two months."

moviedude1893 15 Sep 2013

Finally needed moments of peace

kiehlmanniac 11 Sep 2015

"you wanted good schools and friends with pools...you're not a contra..."   4

TrentonDJones 3 Jun 2013