Summertime in England by Van Morrison

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it ain't why it just is OHMYVAN!   2

specialdelivery 26 Feb 2014

If you do not like this....well are just wrong.   22

corcorankelly 19 Feb 2013

it just is

Dickon 8 Jul 2015

The sun is shining, we're off down to Pilton, and Van is burbling about TS Elliot and Avalon. All's well with the world. Hoorah!

mattzki 25 Jun 2013

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.   3

adactio 5 Jul 2013

My new jam is 'Summertime in England' by Van Morrison from the album Common One. A glimpse of genius.   1

WhitstableTapas 16 Feb 2014