We Like to Party by Vengaboys


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get your #thatcherfuneral after party started right

methadonna 17 Apr 2013

You are not too cool to listen to this, and you never will be too cool to listen to this.

Pisscress 13 Aug 2014

Kim Sasabone + Denise Post-Van Rijswijk + Donny Latupeirissa + Robin Pors... doves gud dance music Ibiza way!

titusfrancis54 12 Aug 2013

This was the first song in some old dance mix that my family used to play during every pachanga. In that mix we also had El Venado, Aqua's Barbie Girl, and that one Bomba song.   1

DadaIsGalletas 23 Mar 2015

Just bought a kia venga and @luxepain has nicknamed it 'the venga bus'

Nar_then 2 Sep 2013

One last time...

JamieReid52 2 Mar 2013