Silhouettes by Viet Cong


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Viet Cong's 'Silhouettes' is one of my fav rockers of 2015 so far. Can't get enough of this song. #newmusic

craigbsnyder 26 Apr 2015

There is no connection left in your head I know you look at things to forget I know the world in sense of regret Relay, reply, react and reset

Jamesdudebrah 2 Jun 2015

Nothing like a bit of jagged, angry post-punk to shred you to pieces on a dull weekday.

matt36512 6 Jan 2015

From their 2015 eponymous debut.   1

Axol 4 Apr 2015

If you didn't know otherwise, you could easily be mistaken to think this classic post-punk gothic sound was of a track straight from the 80s. This is a new track from Canadian band Viet Cong's self-titled album to be released later this month and it promises to be a great one! Apparently lead singer Matt Flegel wrote this song after he was "electrocuted during a concert".

jpaylor 6 Jan 2015

Review at   2

therealmusicnet 29 Jan 2015