Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

“Insanely Catchy Song of the Week”

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Insanely Catchy Song of the Week   1

JoshHelfferich 6 Dec 2014

Not much into Top 40 nowadays. Maybe I'm old. Maybe it's cuz.. who listens to the radio anymore? However, there's something about this band that got my attention. I love the story of a boy who meets a girl and in that instant he thinks they're gonna be together forever and she directs him to live in the here and now. The listener gets to decide for themselves if this couple has the magical happy ending or if reality set in and they parted ways. Either way, in the choice you make, it becomes YOUR song. From Abba to ZZTop, the Boy Meets Girl trope is a classic of modern music, and here it is again. Am I overthinking it? Perhaps I should just shut up and dance. I'm rapidly running out of May, but I've barely dented my list of artists I've yet to jam. Do y'all think I should keep jamming a new track every day or two, or go back to once a week? What are your jamming plans for June? And thanks again for being on this eargasmic adventure with me.   6

ZachsMind 22 May 2015

I love This Cover! ...and I met a boy

transfergirl 4 Jul 2015

Sounds good.

doctorwhovian 26 Aug 2015

I really like the 80s new wave-ish synth vibe to this song, and now I can't get it out of my head. Thanks @jbrocc

Ericbforpres 21 Jun 2015

After the news that this site is closing, this is probably my last jam. Sad, sad news   2

sabiroman 9 Aug 2015