“"Open the Door, Richard" was written in 1946, based on a vaudeville routine made famous by Dusty Fletcher. The recording made by co-composer Jack McVea became quite popular. Demand for the song was high. It was re-recorded and performed often by other performers of the day and over the next decade (including Louis Jordan, Count Basie, the Three Flames, the Pied Pipers, the Merry Macs, the Charioteers, Jimmy Durante, Burl Ives, Jack Benny, Harry Edison, Melvin Smith, Billy Lee Riley, and others) who often put their own spin on the narrative. The song was referred to in Looney Tunes cartoons of 1947 and 1949. The song is now an almost forgotten cultural artifact of the late 40s, the 50s and even into the 60s. The version here by Walter Brown is more risque than most. (reference: Wikipedia)”

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