Self Hypnosis In 3 Days by Wand

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simonp 20 Mar 2015

#Wand continue to breach all the limits of sanity, varying from untypically short #psychedelic #stoner pieces to slightly "indied" #rock with the same 70's-style melodies and Lennon-style vocals by Hanson as it was on their debut, yet adding some more #garage sound and greatly increasing the total amount of #noise. Rapidly getting high and quickly loosening, «Golem» enchants the listener with mellow acid-ballads taking turns with completely stoned heavy compositions. It took me only 3 days to fall in love with 'em.

alle 3 Jul 2015

This band sounds like Tame Impala + Ty Segall + Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. (AKA my dream come true)

wadt 14 Aug 2015

Nothing in particular. Just an interesting band and a 'what'sthisabout' kind of tool.

esterluss 2 Sep 2015