Misery Over Dispute by Waxahatchee

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Beautiful video.

mathjohnson 20 Jul 2014

Taken from 'Cerulean Salt'. http://www.waxahatcheemusic.com

MeWonderland 21 Sep 2013

If you're not listening to Waxahatchee, you should be. Here's a taste from latest album, Cerulean Salt. Yummy!   1

indietunes 30 Mar 2013

Love her voice, and that fucking guitar! When I... hear it... feel... emotions...

paultierney 17 Oct 2013

Love this .... Shame it's not longer

AngelaHalewood 6 Oct 2013

If I claim the sole regret I love only enough to accept and I’ll be smile-less and sick in your eyes until Death or the dragging of time I chose misery over dispute

bettybites 4 Oct 2014