Buddy Holly by Weezer

“this is 21 years old bloody hell.”

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this is 21 years old bloody hell.

IJP 31 Mar 2015

this version might be backwards, but it still sounds the same (well mostly)

statusjones 15 May 2015

Twenty year old irony.   19

Bukowski 6 Jan 2014

I've always liked this song and performance, whether or not Weezer does anything for me in any particular season. (I have a troubled past with Weezer: they do stuff that should be right up my alley, but I never seem to enjoy them as much as I'd hoped, and some of their most popular work has struck me as their most cloying.) But "Buddy Holly" twists through satisfying chords, winking (jokey?) lyrics, a soaring (cloying?) melody, and the best guitar crunch that mid-90's indie production values could provide. I should add a note that the topic of the song never made much sense to me, but I'm pretty oblivious about these things (plus I try not to wiki a song / meaning before I write these). On the surface, it seems like a guy who has an idealized / romantic picture of his girlfriend situation, and is coming under criticism from his friends, which he's also overdramatizing. (Is that it?)

dnord 11 May 2015

This little gem came bundled with Windows 95 as Microsoft did their best to be fun and compelling.

chuckborowicz 12 Mar 2012

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MVD 14 Mar 2014