Say It Ain't So by Weezer


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Hard to believe the Blue Album's 20 years old this weekend. Here's my favorite tune off that record.   2

Thrashbrowns 9 May 2014

17 years ago...just hard not to like it...

Bandoswb 21 Oct 2012

#ABCs of me. I had this on vinyl and I must have driven my family mad playing it over and over again as a teenager!

lauramcgeachin 15 Apr 2015

random?   8

hsmagnet 16 Aug 2015

Your drug is a heart breaker.

TechnicolorWave 15 Aug 2012

A bummer to find out TIMJ is ending in a couple weeks, so here's my feelings on that.

ListeningMan 11 Aug 2015