“Haha. Go Weird Al. One of his best I think.”

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Haha. Go Weird Al. One of his best I think.   3

MatthewWilson1 26 Mar 2015

All of the new Weird Al makes me so happy. It was hard to pick just one. This man is a wordsmith beyond belief.

TheKBRT 18 Jul 2014

t was a tossup between this and Word Crimes. But I like the song he is parodying so this is it. #SillySaturday   1

denizenofdreams 19 Jul 2014

Spotify keeps trolling me with this...

ericdot 4 Sep 2014

Weird Al week! This new one definetely takes a fun twist, a hilarious cover expertly executed. #Alluminati

keithKAOS 16 Jul 2014

gotta love Weird Al

cliffmiddleton 30 Sep 2014