Word Crimes by "Weird Al" Yankovic

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goin' to this concert tonight!

clockework 8 Sep 2015

#crimeweek. It's not the same without the official video, so please check that out instead: http://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc. I would have posted it, but they've got it locked down tight. Again, a theme comes along right at a time when I'm feeling a song that fits. Although I loved him as a kid and he (along with The Monkees) was my very first concert, I've grown mostly tired of Weird Al and yet here we are. There are many "I'm better than you" English/grammar snobs out there, but I'm a little bit of a grammar Nazi myself and I love this track despite my initial hesitation to even listen. Especially since he hits on my personal pet peeve, the expression "could care less". Lastly, I heard he managed to score his very first #1 album after all these years, so congratulations to Mr. Al!   9

shiningsun2k 30 Jul 2014

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes. Somebody bought tickets to see "Weird Al" in concert!

ZeiramMR 28 Jan 2015

More fun with the great Weird Al #HopeYouLikeIt   5

jovisgoesnuts 5 Nov 2014

Incredible video to this. @AlicejustMay definitely one for you, given its topic...   1

jonnyneale5 16 Jul 2014

I know why I'm always surprised by how much I love his songs when I hear them.

shnobiwankenobi 16 Jul 2014