Waterfall by Wendy & Lisa


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#ABCsOfMe - I never doubted that the first single by Wendy & Lisa after the Revolution split would be good. What shocked me was how good it (and the debut album) would be. One of my all-time classics.   3

Olimite 29 Dec 2014

From their excellent 1987 debut album.   5

Astromonkey 14 Aug 2013

From their debut self-titled 1987 album released after they split with Prince, Waterfall is about Wendy and Lisa's hope that their friendship with Prince would continue despite the breakup of the Revolution. Great video too.   1

johnplilly 5 Jul 2014

One of my favourite 80s tracks... but why is Brian May singing it? And what's with his bondage stockings?   1

AlicejustMay 12 Jan 2013