Angel Eyes (Home And Away) by Wet Wet Wet


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I always preferred Marti pre-crack addiction...

BenPWhite 1 May 2012

I always preferred Marti pre-crack addiction.

BenPWhite 1 May 2012

Rad. One of the many benefits of getting older (in my case, 30+) is....hang on, I’ve forgotten. Ah yes, all musical enmities can be consigned to youthful foolhardiness. Days of hiding ones light, over finding a Rubettes single “actually not bad”, are no more than a throwaway whimsy (actually, they were all awful, but we can’t forgive everything). I realise this places my adopted role as ‘Prog Ambassador’ in extremis. However, I’m entitled to my opinion, so fu...Anyhoo, casting my still prevalent, sporadic musical pretension aside, the finely honed pop toon, is still a magical thang. What makes it so scrumptious, is open to interpretation & I’m not clever enough (no, really) to know why certain elements push the buttons. For ma’ current Jam, I chose The Wet Brothers. Why? Pellow’s voice & the stunning orchestration aside, who knows?!? It just feels good, dammit & surely that’s reason enough to cavort around the bedsheets of musicdom & emerge, grinning like the cat that got the duvet...   87

21schizoid 22 Aug 2015