Street Joy by White Denim

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Just now getting into these guys. Didn't like their first album. But apparently they got way better.

mrshl 19 Apr 2014

Just discovered these guys. Love 'em.

5H3L8Y 23 Nov 2011

Perfect for a walk through the park in May, whilst contemplating where the hell the first part of 2015 went.   2

TerriiiW 6 May 2015

Bo11: Why do people go to live music? This is why people go to live music: to hear a band perform their just-released set as good or even better than the recorded. It is exciting! It is exhilarating!! I mean literally. Jump-out-of-your-skin exquisite.

restless941 4 Dec 2013

My first jam should be: clean and interlocking, sustainable. And it is!

maarten541 13 Apr 2012

Who wouldn't want to see these guys live?!?

durno 27 Aug 2014