Radio Cure by Wilco


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There is something wrong with me.

brian_kenney 30 Dec 2014

LPsOfMyLife #1 I didn't plan to post it yet. It's @markcmphillips & @jaxxon 's fault :) They make it obvious!   5

MyBlueElephant 2 Jan 2013

my mind is filled with silvery starrrs

rachelmoskowitz 10 May 2013

Picking apples for the Kings and Queens of things I've never seen...

CaptChristmas 1 Jun 2015

In the mood for a bit of Wilco these days.

NatalieRichard 31 May 2014

I used to the think the lyric was "distance has a way of making love understandable". I would prefer that to be the case.

ckwinny 30 Sep 2014