Keep You by Wild Belle

“Another feature from Treasure Island 2012 :D”

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Another feature from Treasure Island 2012 :D

arshibarsh 12 Nov 2012

Same song, again and again...

ainarasilva 6 Jun 2015

Love the baritone saxophone. I've been planning to jam this for over a year and it fits my summer mood, so it might as well happen now. There's an interesting official video as well and I get what they're going for with it, but I'm not sure if I think it's cool or too unsettling:   10

shiningsun2k 15 Jun 2014

Why can't I keep you for myself?

annasully 29 Sep 2014

Just cannot resist this... nice one, @Amalynai!   7

AlicejustMay 2 Dec 2012

Good music after a good movie The Hundred-foot Journey

lorimartillano 1 Jul 2015