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mordhau 14 Sep 2015

I figure a Disintergration Loop is an apt way to see off @ThisIsMyJam. So long and thanks for all the music.   1

mdreid 12 Aug 2015

from "The Disintegration Loops III", 2003.   1

fsrlabel 3 May 2013

d|p 1.1 consists of one static shot of lower Manhattan during the last hour of daylight on Sep 11th, 2001.   14

gxhxoxsxtxfxm 29 Nov 2012

here is wonderful avante garde composer WILLIAM BASINSKI----------of our era-------WANTS ALL TO FEEL THE MANHATTAN-------

nangeanarendra 8 Sep 2015

I only recently discovered this amazing video to one of my favourite tape pieces of all time (though Jesus Blood...still hits the top spot for me). This was apparently filmed by Basinski off the top of a friend's apartment on 9/11 while they listened to the finished version of disintegration loops for the first time and watched the smoke.   4

youcloudsofdoom 18 Feb 2014