Atomic Bomb by William Onyeabor

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I found about William Onyeabor somewhere online (not from an algorithm, nor from a friend) and I've been enjoying him lately. Nigerian funk, if one could say so. Enjoy! :)

orlindan 12 Sep 2015

Listening to this on loop until the ropey live recordings of Glastonbury are done and it's safe to turn the radio on again. Absolutely magical song.

BOTC 29 Jun 2015

This guy is so good. Possibly my favourite discovery of the past few months.   1

Monzo_Maharal 10 Sep 2015

#AfricaWeek may be over, but had to squeeze this one in. Just recently bought an excellent compilation of this Nigerian funk maestro's music, after it was compiled by David Byrne's Luaka Bop record label.   7

jamescurran 1 Apr 2014

i just scored an original copy of this album ... consider me stoked!

samswig 16 Jun 2012

So Funky.   2

edclarke 2 Jan 2014