I Never Cared for You by Willie Nelson


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Born near midnight Texas time April 29/30. Happy Birthday Willie!   12

markhdz 30 Apr 2014

I met him once, while I was working in a truck stop in Rice Hill, OR. - There is something so genuine and joyous about his smile that it made me feel like any and everything in the universe would be all right. Here is a link to another version of, what is in my opinion, his most beautiful song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmdwsLtNx2E   7

crimsonghost 10 Jul 2015

Nope, never, ever, ever.

JenStrickland 24 Oct 2012

saturday morning octogenarian jams

scourtney 4 May 2013

Happy 80th birthday Willie!   1

darkphoenix 29 Apr 2013