Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep

mikejstein’s jam on 18 Jan ’12 (See all)

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but timothycbishop was first  

Way catchy.   1

josh3 26 Feb 2012

just wanna die in my own body, a ghost just needs a home

Sunquail 29 May 2014

ONE DAY TIL "SHATTERED"! If Zachary's novella had an overall theme song, it'd be this (the "ghost" is both literal and metaphorical). The lyrics capture his daily struggle to hold onto himself, both in 3A and home in Glasgow.

jsmithready 20 Dec 2013

this is being used on a TV show ("Cracked"), reminded me how much i dig this tune from a couple of yrs back   4

juepucta 14 Jan 2013

Rediscovering Wintersleep today. Super stomp, this one.

paddyjohnston 29 Nov 2013

I don’t need no surgery. Take those knives away from me! Just wanna die in my own body. A ghost just needs a home.

rockoften19 27 May 2013