Goodbye Baby Hello Friend by Wishbone Ash

“Kinda’ tough deciding what to play in the dying embers of TIMJ. I chose this, as I recall it was released at a time of great change for a lot of the bands I grew up with in those hazy skooldaze. Title’s kind of appropriate too, dontcha’ think? Anyway, whilst trying to find a way thru’ the alternatives we all now face, I penned a monologue for whatever platform took my fancy, in the hope that it would keep those serial Followers at bay. You know the ones with whom you have not a dang thang in common, yet they Follow you. Anyhoo, on the one occasion I tried to use it, I discovered I was using too many words, since it appears that no-one says hellish much on other sites. The lost art of conversation. So, for old times sake, here’s my probably never to be used, script... 'As a renegade from the soon to be closed music & social lounge that was This Is My Jam, I am now seeking a new platform on which to flex my musical tastes and chunter on endlessly, about the good old days of prog... ctd.”

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