I'll Believe In Anything by Wolf Parade

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but sam.willet was first  

todays ear worm

enamoured 31 Mar 2015

no body knows you/ and no body gives a damn   1

ohitsyou 29 May 2012

Just found this song (many years late) and I'm really really into it. Video's the only one I could find that would play the original song on this website... so feel free-er than normal to ignore it.

ssrusson 25 Jul 2015

I forgot how much I like this album & what's not to like about a video with exploding birds.

the_kaiser 9 Apr 2015

Awesome song. Trendy ass video

rryrry 23 Jun 2015

your blood, your bones, your voice and your ghost

terathiel 25 Jun 2015