Asbestos Lead Asbestos by World Domination Enterprises

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You have been targeted for takeover because of your fantastic contribution to mind pollution...

mister1234 15 May 2015

This version features a SNUB TV interview about privatising pollution, whilst the band play outside Shell’s

currybet 11 Dec 2012

Truly some of the most righteous noise ever committed to vinyl.

diskono23 27 Sep 2014

The only time I ever spent a gig with my head in the bass bin was to this lot. Fantastic band.

fraserlewry 8 Mar 2015

Earlier this week I was ready an article about the festival artwork of the Mutoid Waste Company, and was reminded that they were once affiliated with World Domination Enterprises. A giant slab of mid 80's counterculture.   5

spewish 8 Jun 2014

Simply put - the GREATEST guitar sound in the history of recorded music.

iainbaker 16 Apr 2012