She's the One by World Party


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but joeldeath was first  

This song moved in to my head about a week ago now and would appear to be refusing to leave....   20

Brownpants 10 May 2014

This song (composed by Karl Wallinger) is very well-known  in the performance by Robbie Williams who bought it and scored a major hit. Wallinger wasn't very pleased his song was "sold" but with a little bit of irony he said: "He nicked my pig and killed it but gave me enough bacon to live on for four years". This is the one and only original and it's quite clear that mister Williams almost completely copied it. I favour the original of the ex-Waterboy.   2

Salvadore 20 Jun 2013

Robbie's version is good but the original is the best and this just shows Karl W's talent. #WorldParty #ShestheOne

djrees 3 Nov 2014