Ship Of Fools by World Party


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This tune has been in my head for days - and that's not a bad thing! World Party's main man Karl Wallinger, should be recognised far more than he is as a great tune writer. He's been off the scene ill for many years, but seems to be back writing and performing again - Hurrah. "Ship of Fools?" - All aboard!!!   24

mikelowe 9 Jan 2014

So, last week I was thinking of some ideas for this week's radio show and settled on a theme of working around 'The Waterboys'. What I like to do (most of the time at least) is have some kind of connection between the 3 artists (we usually play 5 songs in total). As The Waterboys have just released a new album (think more straight forward rock/blues and definitely not Fisherman's Blues style) that would be the centrepiece, but I needed something to top and tail it. That light bulb moment (!) and the names 'Karl Wallinger' and 'World Party' popped into my head. I've hardly stopped listening to World Party since and I'm revelling in the genius that is Mr. Wallinger. I'm struggling to think of a finer pop song of the times (then or now), so I thought I'd share. PS - Terry Reid's version of "The Whole Of The Moon" will close the show. Enjoy :)   7

cbinseoul 19 Jan 2015

Save me from tomorrow...   3

sirterence 3 Jul 2015

Happy voting everyone... #election2015   1

kerlmann 7 May 2015

I'm staring down the barrel of a long working weekend. This song played on the radio just now while I was showering, and coupled with The Cars' "Just What I Needed" which played just before it, is... welll... Featuring Anthony Thistlethwaite on saxophone, this should help me get through the next couple days. Hope it helps you out too. I'm trying to jam more songs in the month of May than I have been all year thus far. I got a long list but this one wasn't on it. It is now! You're welcome to follow along my eargasmic adventure.   1

ZachsMind 9 May 2015

Heard this the other day for the first time in ages. Still holds up.

lah_ann 5 Apr 2015