The Tower by Wye Oak


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but svenkaemper was first  

Listening loud. Upcoming Wye Oak album!   2

valerygore 3 Feb 2014

This video is a good example of where my imagination goes when I'm bored on a bus or waiting for someone in the city.

WillDoThisLater 21 Feb 2015

New Wye Oak. Not your daddy's Wye Oak. #2014jamming   5

thisismymistake 29 Jan 2014

saw them live last week....they were great...really love this song off new album "Shriek"

brendancooke574 14 Jun 2014

This new Wye Oak video is just the cutest....   3

thisismymistake 3 Apr 2014

The sound of my 5:55 am commutes this month.

actsinds 9 Jun 2014