Germ-Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex


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Been thinking about Poly Styrene a lot recently for some reason. #punk

danielroffle 12 Sep 2014

RIP, Poly x ¬†Here's to ¬†#PunkWeek   8

AlicejustMay 28 Sep 2013

you think you know songs from the periphery of your youth ... heard this on the radio yesterday and was surprised at how luscious it sounds   1

Paradykes 19 Jul 2014

X is for X-Ray Spex . . . Old story - but I once owned Poly Styrene's school blazer.   15

lindatee 20 Dec 2014

Because I was shocked to realise that it was 35 years since I first heard it. The BBC4 ToTP reruns do that to you.   3

SarahSkelding 18 Oct 2013